Certificates & Quality

Socoplast SA - Qualità

Trust replaces control

The customer has of course the right to demand quality in the same way every employee demands it from their colleagues.

Action instead of reaction

We want to be innovative in order to always be ahead of our competitors and to ensure that our products always meet the highest requirements of customers.

The team spirit of all

If everyone gives their best, then everyone helps their colleagues therefore quality is guaranteed. The winning strength is to respect the general and process-oriented rules of the organization, but above all the personal communication with one another.

Work with the awareness of our obligations

Our company is structured according to the principle of responsibility.  Each of us makes sure that the highest standards are met in terms of product functionality and quality of service.

Constant improvement through identification

We expect an exceptional and self-dependent commitment. The decision is based on our staff to pursue common goals. Awareness and the will to improve constantly are important to avoid mistakes and possibly have the courage to admit them. The attention to detail goes above the required task, a need for a strategy oriented towards objectives and priorities guide the work in such a way as to be aware of cost reduction.