• Socoplast SA

    Socoplast specializes in the production of molds, technical articles and Thermoplastic Rubber Termplastiche, using the technique of injection molding. We also supply extruded sections and co-extruded.  Socoplast is part of the Group Faiveley Plast  https://www.faiveleyplast.com

What do we do

Socoplast SA

The company is a modern medium-sized company in various sectors with open minds on the type of product. We have always shown what we do with the utmost of our expertise.

In addition to technical training, the company has a large experience in the field of plastics that make it able to offer expert advice tailored projects in various fields of industry.

We are a dynamic group with a high level of technical knowledge using new and more innovative technologies relating to plastic materials and their processing.

Increasingly supported by new innovative technologies avvalliamo us from the internal design with CAD-CAM systems and various simulation systems. The realization of the molds is performed within us with numerically controlled machine tools continuously updated.

Event news

  • 22/10/2018

    New IATF 16949 certification procedure

    After the certifications, and remained active in: ISO 9001, ISO-1400, Socoplast Wants to grow...

  • 30/01/2018

    Safety riding brackets ( Video )

    Ensure the release of the foot in case the rider falls  

  • 30/01/2018


    Customizable tool for small agricultural vehicles or Construction  

  • 19/09/2017

    Socoplast will also be renewed in 2017 with a new press

    New vertical press with rotating table (for insertion or co-molding of cables)

  • 21/08/2017

    New certifications for Socoplast

    Since November 2017 Socoplast will have new ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001 certifications From 2018...

  • 21/03/2017


    Socoplast, always keep up with new technologies, is renewing its production pool in Castione with...