Socoplast SA - Produzione

Our expertise in mass production is aimed at technical products of high precision plastic, starting from testing of the molds internally built. Today we boast 26 modern automated presses with production cycles of several shifts that can cover a weight varying from 0,01Gr. to 600 Gr. with a clamping force between 7 and 300 Tons.

In addition, with the centralized system for the distribution of materials we are able to provide maximum reliability for the entire period of mass production.

Thanks to the energy saving system, the air required to heat the molecular sieves is pre-heated by means of a heat exchanger that reuses energy which would otherwise be lost.

The loop closed after the cooling of the desiccant bed with dry air ensures a constant dew point with the maximum drying performance.

We boast a wide experience in the production of technical and aesthetic plastic components, and through the collaboration with our customer from the beginning of the project we are able to optimize time and costs.