Socoplast SA 2K

The realization of printed details in a single cycle, utilizing two or more compatible materials, is one of the technological innovations in the field of thermoplastic materials.

We are able to produce 2K rotating molds to optimize time, productivity and hence the cost of production. The overmolding or co-molding with 2 different types of plastic resins, is utilized to obtain components with special aesthetic requirements (eg. Pieces in two different colors, pieces that are soft to the touch), special needs in sealing and waterproofing (eg. Pieces resistant to high pressure or exposed to atmospheric elements) or particular performance needs (eg. Resistance to critical temperatures, resistance to particular chemicals). With this technology you can also get pieces in selective chrome plating.

We also have a well-established experience in co-molded components. The comolding is created to incorporate, cover or merge two objects of different materials (metal / plastic, plastic plastic). The incorporation of the object in plastic creates a more robust object and makes it possible to also obtain watertight pieces. The coating often makes the subject more aesthetically appealing.