Our quality management is divided into two different areas:

The first area is mainly engaged in sampling related to the new realizations in order to obtain the approval for the equipment we design and build.

The second area is engaged in mass production monitoring through the classical control and process systems with dimensional embossing and relative control gauges.

All details are equipped with registration cards, monitoring of measurements and maintenance of the equipment. Everything is managed through work contracts that are established in accordance with internal standards or defined with the customer.

All molded parts are managed internally and trackable from the management of the incoming raw materials up to the finished piece that will be delivered to the customer.

Our quality allows us to obtain a constant production improvement and controlled growth of all business processes.

Last but not least in order of importance, the entire company is run with the certification of the group according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, and the SAP management system (business management software).

We work with the utmost professionalism, maintaining all safety systems active, following and updating ourselves strictly in compliance with applicable laws. Our company guarantees the customer and its employees a strong compliance with safety standards and protection of the environment.